Our services

Rigit provides complex working-at-heights solutions, from planning to implementation, and is proud to be the champion of safety and professionalism in the industry.

When executing its complex projects, Rigit relies on its many years of experience in Israel and abroad, as well as its clear vision for how to carry out safe work in the industry.


Rigit specializes in accessibility and believes that this specialty is not enough. 

This belief underlies the company's mission to develop advanced "high-end capabilities" in terms of welding, Non destructive testing, design and installation of permanent safety systems, sealing and more.

Rigit specializes in carrying out welding projects under extreme conditions.

The Company's employees are professional welders with industry certification

Complex welding project

Carrying out works in confined spaces is at the core of the Company’s activities. NDT, plaster repair, cleaning, documentation and photography are part of the services we offer in confined spaces

Confined space environments

Rigit offers many services for the Offshore industry.

confined spaces, NDT, cleaning, photography, welding and more

Offshore industry

Rigit specializes in Non destructive test in extreme environments.

Our team is US standard certified


We design and install permanent safety solutions in all types of working-at-height setups. We specialize in unique, creative solutions that reflect a deep understanding of the various work setup

Designing and installing permanent safety solutions

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